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Whats the last song, Tv Vid, or on-line tune you listened to?..If you cant remember, what do you feel like listening to & if you dont feel like listening to anything, what is one of your all time favorite tunes?..Take your pic.....It's Blast it  time in the old TBd music room tonight.... So hit it peeps This is what I just listened to......It's actually on my profile right now.

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Vinyl is still alive and well, and actually making a comeback. I couldn't find the numbers for 2010, but vinyl sales nationwide topped 2.5 million in 2009, a 33 percent increase from 2008's 1.9 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

TOP-SELLING SPINS OF 2009 (again, according to Neilson)

1. Abbey Road, the Beatles

2. Thriller, Michael Jackson

3. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective

4. Wilco, Wilco

5. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

6. Backspacer, Pearl Jam

7. Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear

8. Appetite for Destruction, Guns N' Roses

9. Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, Dave Matthews Band

10. In Rainbows, Radiohead

I have several vinyl-only releases waiting for me when this year's Record Store Day rolls around. Some on deliberately grungey, cheap 7 inch 45's, and some on 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl.
This stuff is over my head......The only thing I know about vinyl is what I collected from the good will.....Deliberately grungy....Is that code for something?...180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl?.....Educate me ya'all.

caseyjo, I'm pretty sure Snagg"s 'grungy" reference is meant to be really cheap 45 rpm records. I also think the reference to 180 gram virgin vinyl, is to the very upper end of a vinyl album that you are able to purchase.

PS. I'm sure if I don't have this right that Snagg will drag me over a hot bed of burning vinyl.

thanks tbd.
I identify with this song........In a big way......
Nice music to listen to while I'm weaving this bracelet........Dig the light show....

I was brought up listening to classical until my dad left  in 1960 when I turned to rock n roll for the most part. He built a dynamic stereo himself from a kit from a company called Heath Kit. ..During those tender young years I think I developed a pretty good ear for music... I esp. liked anything that sounded exotic like zorba the greek, the theme song from Lawrence of Arabia, Schharazad, the exodus theme..etc.

Tonight or later this afternoon when I do some more bracelet knotting I will listen to the whole thing from start to finish as I cannot remember which part I like best & taste change. 

Screw him...Hes an ass..so was mine.......I met someone else on-line who remembers Heath Kit...The company still exists, but they do not sell to the general public & no longer make the old stereo equipment etc.....
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Ed Gerhard is performing locally soon - hope to see him.


Aweeeee...That nice warm belly feelingy, but after all these years best to just let it sliiiiide.




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