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Whats the last song, Tv Vid, or on-line tune you listened to?..If you cant remember, what do you feel like listening to & if you dont feel like listening to anything, what is one of your all time favorite tunes?..Take your pic.....It's Blast it  time in the old TBd music room tonight.... So hit it peeps This is what I just listened to......It's actually on my profile right now.

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Music plays constantly in my world. Those of you who know me know I'm DISGUSTINGLY in love...hahahaha...so this, which is playing this minute, is no surprise.


thumbs up!
YA...What he sez w/ his thumbs....

D. called me his Traveling Star.  One thing is certain, he is my home: "Take my name from the lost and found and let me believe this is where I belong..."

I've never been more sure of anything, Beloved....

D must be very special to you...I listen to James Taylor while out camping under the stars, while the weather is warm, & the gentle breeze blow...What can be more peaceful?

Yup caseyjo, he is. Most of the haiku I write are about him or our relationship. I'm blessed beyond my capacity to express it.

Camping and JT...what could be better!

I think of James as a quiet voice of our generation, always there through bad times and good, reminding us of who we are and where we were bound. The voice of those who have made it this far, and those who haven't.

Hugs and kisses to you.

I had NO idea, thnx. What a loss!

I cannot tell you, Dear One, how very glad I am that it wasn't.

I've never seen anyone work so hard at wellness...with such courage and honesty and intention. I am in awe of you, and proud to know and love you.





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