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Don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it was minus 13 here this morning and more of the same for a few more nights. However it will be bright and sunny today which is some consolation. If it gets above zero, I will venture out to get the mail later, though it will probably take longer to "suit up" for the cold than the walk to the mailbox and back. Haven't had this kind of cold since 2014, but it is Montana.

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30 degrees in the shade here on the farm this morning.

here in northern Wis. we are getting -20 or colder every morning and if it reaches 0 we are doing good

Nothing minus here. We have been steady from 15 to 30 degrees for most of a month. Light snow on occasion, evaporates faster than melts. Supposed to get 5 to 7 inches snow Monday to Tuesday. Just in time for my semi-annual doctor appointment.

Twenty one degrees here in NJ. Was seventeen this am. Snow is coming but not that much.

Cold here in NYS with light snow coming on Sunday and maybe a much bigger storm later in the week. It is winter after all, used to it here but I know many getting are not and don't have the equipment to clear the roads the way we do. 

MTwoman, I couldn't live in Montana.  I went south to TN to get away from cold in MD.  17 degrees was more than I could stand in 2018.  Hope it warms up.

I did go for the mail this afternoon...did a coin toss in my mind and it came up tails, so went for it. 9 degrees, but no wind, so not bad at all....should have stayed out and cleaned the snow off of the car, but it's less than a inch and fluffy, so easy to dust off ad can wait until Sunday.. None of the "heart attack" stuff of a week ago and not slippery out because it's so cold. My main problem is keeping the water flowing into the house, but so far, so good.

Always listen to your instincts..thought the water was a little slow and should have switched the heater to the one where the water comes in...but didn't and the pump tripped while I was in the shower. Fortunately, I was just about finished. Took just 1/2 hour to get the water going again. Always a challenge.

70 degrees here today; sounds good but we are already in another drought.

27 degrees in the shade here on the farm this morning.

Almost the same as PTB- possible 6-8 inches snow by tues. Been in the 20's most of this month.

It's 18 with very light snow today expecting below zero later.




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