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If you've never seen Big Brother, the basic premise is that 13 contestants live together in a house  where their every move is caught 24/7 by one of the many cameras and microphones placed throughout the house. The houseguests will compete in random competitions , eat a bit of slop and vote one another out. The last person standing come September wins $500,000.
As far as twists go (and you knew there'd be one, right?) will feature a secret saboteur. And the planted houseguest will receive his or her directions directly from the audience. The secret saboteur will be revealed to fans during the first live show on July 15th, but the houseguests will be left in the dark. This years guests are as follows:

Rachel, age 26- cocktail waitress
Kristen, age 24- boutique manager
Britney, age 22- hotel sales manager
Monet, age 24- model
Hayden, snowboarder, baseball player
Brendan, age 30- high school swim coach
Andrew, age 39- podiatrist, Orthodox Jew
Enzo, age 32- insurance adjuster (married)
Kathy , age 40, deputy sheriff
Annie, age 27- bartender
Matt, age 32, web designer
Lane, 24- oil rig salesman
Ragan, age 34- bow-tie wearing college professor

Big Brother premieres July 8th

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I could definitely see Britney and Kathy as mother and daughter. Did a freeze frame while they were sitting next to each other on the couch and they do actually look alike. I don’t want Annie to be voted off, but that’s based solely off the fact that I’m in a pool at work, and I have Annie (randomly drawn). Still, she is my favorite of the girls this season, but that’s not saying much, as I honestly think that pretty much all the girls are really annoying this year. I think it would be a good idea for the house guests to get rid of the showmance right away. Annie might be the better player (and much more tolerable) and therefore the better choice to vote out, but when have the BB house guests ever done the smart thing, especially this early in the game?
You're in a pool AT work?

Must be a really cool ass job...hehehehehe
If this is so...I want IN!!!!
Couple of observations:
1) Kathy and Britney could be mother/daughter.
2) Lane don’t speak much. But he was extremely forthcoming and talkative with Hayden. Could they be long time friends?
3) Ragan (non-existent in this episode) has very similar coloring and eyes as always non-existent Kristen. He could be her older brother.
Rotten mayonnaise Splash zone? All kind of awesome. A physical and mental challenge is always tight to check. Rewards smart players that can make more than 5 letter words. Oh yeah!
Meow Meow. What the hell does that even mean? You can tell that he wants people to call him that so badly, the punk. Giving NJ'ers a bad name; after all this time trying to clear up the funk.

Oh, forgot about Jersey Shore...S*IT!
If ever someone needed to be "back-doored" (figure play along with the other house guest for butchering the English language), it’s Enzo!
Doesn’t he still live with his Mom?
Here are the rather telling words:

Hayden = Possible (because anything is possible when you're a hot young jock)
Enzo = Factory (because he's definitely not the brains of the Brigade)
Monet = Cheaters (because she's going to be the accusatory snitch of the season)
Rachel = Chemistry (because she's a chemist, duh, and because she didn't have enough letters for Augmentation)
Andrew = Pastuerized (because he's a doctor, but he also wanted to purposefully misspell it to avoid becoming a bigger target)
Brendon = Understanding (because he's awesome)

Sadly, no one spelled Technotronics.
Everyone's favorite wacky neighbor the Saboteur returns to claim that two people in the house are lifelong friends. This is so preposterous that I'm now convinced there is no Saboteur and that the real twist is that Big Brother is lying to the HGs to make them paranoid.
This may not be too far-fetched. We've already seen an outsider enter the house when the medic tended to Kathy during the first HoH competition. It's obviously easy for them to gain access, so it's possible that the real twist of season 12 is that there is no Saboteur.

I would actually find this to be even more compelling. The revelation of the Saboteur has made the HGs even more paranoid than usual, which is not easy to do. If Big Brother started openly lying to the HGs about twists, it would add a new psychological element to the game. This could also open the door to exciting new types of sabotage.

Maybe one week the Saboteur can claim that someone in the house was secretly won the Coup d'Etat, the power to overturn the nominations at the last second. Though it would be a total lie, the mere suggestion that this power exists could alter the game and everyone's strategy.

The more I think about it, the more I hope there is no Saboteur. Having someone mess with the house might be entertaining, but having the producers mess with the HGs' minds would be the kind of psychological torture that would be appropriate for a show named after a George Orwell novel about manipulation.
I just can't get over the Brigade howling about being the best in BB history! I can think of two alliances that still send makes me giddy...and I'm not talking about the Donatos (I get this blooding blood every time I think of Evil Dick).

To this day, Nakomis and her alliance pulling off her "Six-Finger Plan" during week 5 of season 5 remains the single greatest bit of strategy in the history of Big Brother, This was the first season where the Power of Veto competition was limited to six players and before the random draw so the HoH and nominees got to pick who they wanted to play.

The strategy played out beautifully when Nakomis nominated two members of her alliance (Diane and Marvin), and they chose the other three members of their alliance (Drew, Adria and Will) to play the PoV. Whoever won would take one of the nominees off and they would then backdoor Jase. With only nine HGs remaining, all Nakomis needed was four votes to evict him, which she had in her alliance. It was a plan of pure mathematic simplicity that was guaranteed to work so that, from the moment Nakomis won the HoH, there was nothing Jase could do to save himself. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

And of course there's Chilltown! The team of Mike Boogie and Dr. Will is impressive not just for their bromance that spanned two seasons, but because BOTH members of Chilltown have won Big Brother. When it was first started, Will was the winner of season 2, and when they both returned for the all-star season, they each made the final four and Mike was the eventual winner. You have to give them credit for style.

So as you can see, the Brigade has a lot of work to do if it wants to go down as the greatest alliance in Big Brother history. To start, one of the four needs to win, since success is the one thing all of these alliances have in common.
Those were the days! Edge of your seat TV!




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