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If you've never seen Big Brother, the basic premise is that 13 contestants live together in a house  where their every move is caught 24/7 by one of the many cameras and microphones placed throughout the house. The houseguests will compete in random competitions , eat a bit of slop and vote one another out. The last person standing come September wins $500,000.
As far as twists go (and you knew there'd be one, right?) will feature a secret saboteur. And the planted houseguest will receive his or her directions directly from the audience. The secret saboteur will be revealed to fans during the first live show on July 15th, but the houseguests will be left in the dark. This years guests are as follows:

Rachel, age 26- cocktail waitress
Kristen, age 24- boutique manager
Britney, age 22- hotel sales manager
Monet, age 24- model
Hayden, snowboarder, baseball player
Brendan, age 30- high school swim coach
Andrew, age 39- podiatrist, Orthodox Jew
Enzo, age 32- insurance adjuster (married)
Kathy , age 40, deputy sheriff
Annie, age 27- bartender
Matt, age 32, web designer
Lane, 24- oil rig salesman
Ragan, age 34- bow-tie wearing college professor

Big Brother premieres July 8th

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God I love this show!
Let the bullshit begin...
OK, on the eve of the premiere, just wanted to give you all the heads up on this 'saboteur' twist. Is it different from America's Favorite Player? I'm not really sure. Based on the description, the only real change seems to be that the Saboteur's only role is to cause chaos, so maybe he/she won't be burdened by trying to play an otherwise straightforward game.

It's also a blatant rip-off of the entire premise of another reality competition, The Mole. Only Big Brother is trying to make the concept all fancy by using an SAT word that many past HGs probably wouldn't even recognize (I'm looking at you, Jessie).

Only time will tell whether the Big Brother Saboteur is a good idea, but I'm skeptical. I generally dislike it when Big Brother gets involved in the actual gameplay. I'm a BB purist, and if history has taught us anything, it's that you don't need a Saboteur to cause chaos and conflict in the house.

The Saboteur will be introduced during the first live eviction ceremony on July 15 when America will begin voting on what they should do. Well, so long as the Saboteur isn't the first person eliminated, which would actually be kind of hilarious.
I actually like them voting each other out, but I don't want any stupid BB interference or manipulation. Forget about saboteurs and Coup d'Etats and especially drop any lame HoH comps based on total random luck designed to be rushed through in two minutes for the live show. Have a real HoH competition, nominees, a PoV comp and then the voting. The double eviction nights are always the best because there's no time for interference, it's just pure game.

Btw, I miss the Mole.
I don't like Enzo, but he made the right call getting an alliance together. The name Brigade is kind of lame...including his need to nickname everybody...
Yes...nicknames...speaking of lame, Meow Meow???!!! I laughed so hard when he said that.

But good statement as far as alliance. Early in the game, but he had better hope that the Sabotuer is not amoung them. HOH Hayden decided to nominate the combustible couple Brendon and Rachel for eviction. Not a bad move, I must admit. Brendon, aside from being somewhat obsessed with brushing his teeth (who thinks of that during a blackout?), is a tough competitor, On the opposite end of that spectrum has got to be Kathy, who simply lay in the sticky situation for 20 minutes waiting to be rescued into a week of slop and cold showers. To make matters worse, I thought she was going to burst out crying when she saw she’d be sleeping with some little bugs. Yes, they’re gross, but you’re a cop! Would any of you want Kathy guarding your city? Why does Enzo wear sunglasses indoors? Should Brendon go home?
Do you love Ragan half as much as I already do? He's so adorable, and funny!

This alliance will last all of 2 weeks before that punk Enzo goes running to another alliance and sells out every member of the Brigade!

Any guess as to who the sabotuer is?
I’ve completely ruled out Andrew (his reaction to the Xs when no one was there, and his volunteering for the wiener costume show it’s not him) and Ragan (just really don’t think it’s him). My gut is saying it’s not Annie, Rachel, Brendon, Enzo, Lane, or Hayden. My best guess is either Kristin or Matt – Kristin is almost never shown so prime suspect, and Matt would be a great choice being smart. Plus, EVERY action he’s made, every word he’s said (and I’ve watched some on Sho2) seem like things a saboteur trying to deflect would say – watch him as though you knew he was the sab. and it DOES seem like it could be him. Kathy COULD be, but I doubt it. I’m undecided on Monet and Brittany.
Kristen is sticking out. Didn't know she was even on the show until the noms came in.
What I’m wondering is why they want to get rid of the saboteur by voting them out so quickly? Yes, they might be disruptive and annoying, but think about it…
The saboteur is around for 5 weeks. When you remove that played from the original 13, that leaves you with 12 truly competing for the big brother prize. In a 5 week span, you can do two things:
1) get rid of the saboteur and 4 others, leaving 8 in the game
2) keep the saboteur and get rid of 5 others, leaving only 7 in the game
To me, if you figure out the saboteur, keep them in the house, and take this as an opportunity to knock off the competition early! Voting them out would just seem like a pointless eviction in the grand scheme of the game
Brilliant, Assassin! Never thought of it that way before. Why vote out the saboteur? hmmmmmm.
Vengeance is not only sweet, it’s awesome to watch – so I look forward to the payback that Brendon will be serving up to Hayden next week.
I do NOT believe the saboteur’s claim that two of the house guests are lifelong friends, (and I had no clue that mayonnaise was kosher). I think he/she either made it up to create paranoia, or he/she was talking about the fish in the fish tank (remember in BB9 they told the HGs that there was still a real couple left in the house, and they were talking about the pet hamsters.)
Kristen continues to get no airtime, which makes me suspect that she’s The Saboteur (or Sabbatwah as Jamie from Season 1 pronounced it.) Many have guessed Kathy, but if she is then she sucks as she’s waaay to obvious. Someone did tell me that she’s been very sick, so perhaps that explains her poor performances in the challenges.




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