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What is the best room in your house?  Why?

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My computer room.  It used to be a carport that was converted to an office and now it's my crafting, sewing, office, computer, reading, relaxing room, and where I spend most of my time. It overlooks the front yard and driveway. 

Our living room has the best view and our entertainment (TV and my computer) but the kitchen (my office,haha) is very nice, all pretty much new because of the flooding. I wish I had better before pictures to compare the old and new. My husband office is not updated but has a wonderful deck with great views as well.

Living room.

The family room...my rocker is there and the TV...and it's close to the kitchen.

Yeah, my living room.

Downstairs bathroom. A stress reliever.

My living/dining room. It's comfortable and I spend most of my time here. I sleep on my recliner and sometimes eat there while watching T.V. Other times I eat at the dining table. My computer, T.V. and instrument are in here. There's a 6 ft. glass patio door with a view of the complex courtyard.




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