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I met up with a an old friend at Lake Tahoe a while back...one of the most passionate times I have ever experienced.  I am curious as to where others have hooked-up and how you disquised the meeting from your spouse or partner.

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Not into that sneaky crap,
I told my wife that I was going away to be with my girlfriend for a few days.
Did she object? No.
That's what happens when you have a crappy marriage.

I saw this the other day and could not wait for the responses. I'm sure there will be some classics by Monday.
Well it would appear the good people of this group saw this for what it is......a garbage question designed by and for cheaters to brag about their conquests. let it die......
Stay curious Keith....won't be much 'kissin' an tellin' going on here....Some of us lead very boring lives..
Not rude at all Quinn....I agree...
I' ll bet you are right-----wonder where he went!!!!????
Oh . . . he's around. Check out Guys & Gals Connecting. Where else would he be? Nice and ripe there !

Oh . . . wait
STG !!! Guess he hasn't meet 'em yet ! Wait 'till our Maria gets a-hold of his . . . ! That'll be a twist! Bet that's his next move when he becomes tired of our lot in G&GC. Go see.




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