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What is the difference between your best friend and your BFF?  Are they the same thing?  If I said that spouses and SO's  couldn't be counted, would that change your answer?

Who is your BFF?

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OK, here's a question that feeds off slims question. How in the world do  you make a real friend? That sounds really stupid at first but maybe not so much after you think about it.  I've only had one best friend that was a man and he died just a few months ago. The others were all women and I had sex with all of them. It seems to me that sex is some kind of barrier between man/women being best friends. It's always a casual thing with a 'why not' concept and it's usually the woman who brings it up.  So my question to you is "do you think men and women can be best friends without  having sex at least once? 

Sure, if one of them is gay.




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