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This is the place where you can pop in and say "hey" ONLY if you are #13 or less online here at TBD.  Sometimes the fewest voices carry the strongest message.
Pipe up and let it be known you are here....
Take a number and stand in line....
*like anyone would really know....hehe!*

What's your favorite donut or pastry...

.*that'll work too....*

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only 9 of us here @ 10pm EDT.

Cr@p! How'd it get to be 10pm? It's past my bedtime. :-(

5 at 6:55 PM EDT
GOLDI!!!!!    #9 @ near 9.....:-)

4 of us @ 8:49am EDT...


Morning, Chris, Lily & RRC! Happy Friday!


There's only six people here at 10:23 PM EDT.  Well, it is Saturday night....maybe a few of our loyal members have a life, or are out on a date, or partying, or something.
6 at 12 Midnight EDT
#6...pick-up sticks!

9:21 CDT only 8 on line. Back to normal.

I just looked. Yep, the usual suspects. Missing Kooner and Quinn.

Jeez, two minutes go by and its already back to 6!
It's now 5. And I think 3 of them are asleep.

Yeh!!! Kooner and Snagg have now joined us.

We're back up to 8.




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