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This is the place where you can pop in and say "hey" ONLY if you are #13 or less online here at TBD.  Sometimes the fewest voices carry the strongest message.
Pipe up and let it be known you are here....
Take a number and stand in line....
*like anyone would really know....hehe!*

What's your favorite donut or pastry...

.*that'll work too....*

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Only 12 here...I'm legal!!
13...yes indeedy.@ 3:09 MT
Oh no.  I have to go now. We're at 14.
12 and I noticed that too. We went for months here without any of that kind of stuff and I for one do not appreciate it.
We just ignore those, Miss OH.


*guarding the door*


DD (darling daughter) left me a "Skor" bar today....desert!!

#12 now ......ice cream later.
18 (I am Ninja,you can't see me)
"HI", There are only 12 on line. (:>)

Hi backatcha....

#13 if I turn on chat...!   Peace and quiet...ain't it wonnerful.

@ 9:42-10, going on 9. Nite you crazy kids.
4 at 12:56 AM EDT




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