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Cocaine was a contributing factor in the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, according to an autopsy report issued Friday by Hillsborough County, Florida. Mays was found dead at age 50 in his home near Tampa on June 28. Mays, with his booming voice, was famous for fronting products such as OxiClean and Orange Glo in TV commercials

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Drug addiction can really happen to the people we least expect.
That was a surprise, but Billy was a Great SalesMan
I agree. And I believe he was a good person.
What I found interesting was another headline on the same page.


I realize it's way off subject, but I think just as disturbing.
I was surprised. I know this is suppose to be a rich man drug, but I have seen all kind of people on this stuff. Billy mayes just did not seem like the type, When I first saw the post, I went to a news site and looked it up, I am frankly disappointed. I can betcha they will find no illegal dope in Cronkite. Now that guy was pure.
When I was way younger I tried cocaine and thought to myself this is so good I could really get hooked on this stuff. I did it once more and never again. Same with heroin. ....just makes you feel so nice.

If you think you're above it all and totally in charge you go with this stuff.
those drugs are bad, very addictive. Lots of people die from them.What about the lady
that drove the wrong way on the highway and killed 8 people and herself, 4 of them little kids.
She was drunk and stoned.
Tragic is all I can say re: Billy Mays. For me he was iconic as I participate in trade shows and have mimiced some of his "antics" with potential customers. Obviously something was missing from his life to have to resort to the drugs. That stuff will kill ya.

Bull, as for the gun issue. There were two accidents on our main highway yesterday one to the north the other to the south. Several people died, the roads were a mess for hours. Closer to Philadelphia many more died in various accidents and today, saturday, there will no doubt be more deaths as folks go back and forth to the shore. Like Bethd said, a lot of it attributed to alcohol and drugs while driving. It's all tragic......

Nough said..... :-)




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