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Shortly after Pope Francis gave a groundbreaking homily in which he said even atheists who do good are redeemed, a statement from a Vatican spokesman seemed to walk back the pope's words.

Just one day after the pope's now famous remarks in Rome on May 22, a Vatican spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica released comments stating that people who reject the teachings of Jesus Christ can't be saved afte....

Awww. gee....

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I kinda miss the Old Days, when the pope could point his crook at any chump cardinal or bishop who dared publicly defy or disagree with him, and make them explode like a jack-o-lantern stuffed with an M-80. It was a GREAT party trick.

I know I'm not taking any chances...

Yeah, Snagg, bad things once happened to clergy who had the balls to disagree with the pope, much less publicly disagree with him.  Now it’s much like American politics when the president lets something slip and lets the Press Secretary meet with reporters to announce that the president “misspoke.”  So Pope Francis simply “misspoke” in the heat of the moment. 

Religion has never been anything other than a collision of tribal politics and neanderthal superstition, anyway - So it's no surprise that there are so many similarities between the way both act when caught with their pants down. And that includes sending some shit-eater in front of a press conference to proclaim "His Holiness / His Eminence / His Majesty / The Right Honorable Whoop-de-Doo didn't make a MISTAKE...YOU misunderstood HIM. So, stick your videotape up your ass, and if you don't like it I'll see you all in hell."

Surfer Jesus be gnarly, dude.

Okay...Maybe not "neaderthal" superstition, as most evidence has yet to indicate that neanderthals intellectually made it even that far. I guess plain ol' "pre-Enlightenment" or "scientifically illiterate"  superstition will have to do.

If you knew anything about JC and the boys, you'd know he wasn't into Bu__ Sh__.   Stick around, we can help you.

Not at all, physicists are known to be snarky...

no shame involved...you believe what you choose to believe...he believes what he chooses. the fact of the matter is the teaparty christian conservatives pretty much insult everyone who isn't a member of the tribe but bitch and moan if they feel in the slightest way insulted and that includes  having anyone believe in something other than their simplistic albeit erroneous and befuddled mishmosh concepts commingling politics, economics, sociology and religion. sorry but that's just not my cup of tea...or that of most americans..(and is it not insulting to be describing americans who don't believe as you do as 'sheep' or 'sheeple'? get the point?)

i found this to be quite insulting:

".I think the face of America would look quite different....quite different than this current “Facebook” mentality....sheep following the sheep’s ass in front of it, until the whole fold falls into the ditch of hell. 

I hate empty-minded conformity....it’s too easy and too void of “real”, and all that eventually happens is the strong overtake the weak, and a cursory overview of human history is replete with examples of the common citizenry just “eating, drinking, and making merry”, because as a people, in general terms, they pretty much gave up their responsibility as a citizen because of being overwhelmed with corruption and evil in high places of power & authority."

not to mention a degree of generalization...would you like to delineate in which societies  people gave up their responsibilities as citizens in their democratic processes and allowed corruption and evil  to flourish?

and gee...it ain't just the atheists is it?

So much for religious tolerance! E. Gordon Gee, the handsomely-paid 69-year-old president of (The) Ohio State University, was caught disparaging Catholic leaders of the University of Notre Dame on audio tapes recorded in December and made public by the Associated Press on Thursday. During a meeting with his university's Athletic Council, Gee characterized Notre Dame's clergy as as untrustworthy and sinful, eliciting laughter from other Ohio State leaders present. At one point, Gee is heard saying that "the fathers are holy on Sunday, and they're holy hell on the rest of the week." In another: "You just can't trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that." The comments apparently stemmed from failed negotiations over the Notre Dame football program's membership in the Big Ten athletic conference.




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