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It's obvious that Labor Day has come and gone.  Some of us decorated for Halloween, some decorated in harvest themes a la Thanksgiving....

...and then there are those who went straight to Christmas.

The stores have their stuff out, do you?

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Tomball German Christmas Market Living Christmas tree.

Please don't let the Dingo kill it. 

I wish I could kick you in the pants, but my bursitis just won't allow it.

OUCH!!! I guess it's the thought that really counts. 

Outdoor lights.

New addition this year.

1950's aluminum tree. Yes I know, most of the ornaments are on the bottom, but my three year old grandson helped. It has a rotating stand, and two color wheels shining on it.(can't see the colors due to the flash)

We call this the kid's tree, but it also has all of our sentimental ornaments that we have collected over the years.

This is the main tree where the presents will soon be.

And no, I'm not crazy putting up three trees. OK, maybe I am, but we only started this when the grandson was born. If it makes him happy, grandpa is happy.

Well done teebs!!  Please come to my house & do the same.....:-)

I will be right there Jaylee....

As soon as it warms up to the 70's.

I put a candle in the window tonight.

Maybe I'll go out and take a picture of it when the weather warms up.




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