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This should be an interesting topic.  Are you gray?  Do you dye your hair?  Do you prefer it gray?  I'm going gray at the temples and have a lot mixed in, but overall it's still pretty brown.  In my 40's I noticed gray at my temples and flipped out and started dying it.  I had some problems with my hair and had to stop and discovered 15 years later that it wasn't any worse that in my 40's.  It's still the same and I'm going to be 65 in October.

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I dyed my hair orange once.  The orange was an accident.

On a lark, I asked my daughter to dye it blonde.  She didn't know what she was doing, and I certainly did not.  It came out orange.

The next day I learned that a client of mine (I'm a public defender in an appellate court) named Stevie had lost his appeal. That I had lost. The day after that his "Big Brother" from his childhood, Steve James, called me and asked to do a sit-down interview about why I thought I had lost.

That interview did not make it into Mr. James' documentary, "Stevie."  Which is just as well since I looked like Bozo the Clown.

Lynn, thanks for the update. I wasn't aware of what had happened with Stevie.

Being a defender in the trial court is a whole lot harder than in the appellate court.  In the appellate court it's mostly just reading transcripts, doing legal research and writing.  In the trial court you are sitting with your clients when they get taken from the courtroom to prison, and sitting with victims when you interview them while preparing your case.  I tried the courtroom and didn't last.




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