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Would you marry one?

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Well they look the same....

The one in the pic is cuter than most...

Well, the one in the picture does seem to be practicing the much-observed republican attitude of willfully ignoring a biblical recommendation when that recommendation becomes personaly inconvenient - In this case, the recommendation against inter-species romance.

They mate with each other and I don't think some of them are human.

 I'll take Facts for $50 Alex.

 Yes- a rino's horn is composed of hiar.


So, if you're attacked by a charging rino, splash conditioner or relaxer on its horn?

so a good conditioner makes them less horny?

jeeesum yuo two I just snorted pepsi up my nose!

is it better than coke? ....i always thought pepsi was sweeter than coca cola but then i never snorted either one

and isn't snorting coke sposed to make you horny?..or does it just make you drippy?...uh the nose i mean

does it make rinos drippy or are they born that way? is it by birth or a choice?

its by Birth





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