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Having a great time at Kremis' premises with Robbie and TBub

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Kittycat, you hugged me several times tonight, and told me one of them was from Dot. Was that the one where you grabbed my butt, or was that one from you. God, I hope it wasn't from Larry.
No, it wasn't from Larry!!! TBub.... That was definitely from Dot!!!! I'm sure of it!!!! She said give TBub a big kiss from me and be sure to grab his butt... Ya, ya... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!
Too funny...

Night all, have one more for me. Yuengling please :-)
Good one TBub. Good night all.
Good one, Bub.
Thanks Ubu, I do have my moments, just not often.
I'm still reeling from the fact that Larry has the convalescing one fetching the brewskies.
Ubu, He's merciless.
What day is this?
Where am I?
Why are Ohio birds so damn loud?
"Are we allowed to drunk post?"

Hell, I'd always assumed that sober posts already were the exception.
Like Robbie said, Where am I at, what am I doing, why the hell am I doing it??
I just want to know where the Heck is Larry????




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