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Having a great time at Kremis' premises with Robbie and TBub

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Why am I in this picture? I've never had a drinkin my life. I don't drink smoke or chew. And i don't make friends with people who do.
I've never had a drunk in my life either.
OK, There was that one time.

I'm thinking, "no loss there"...
I've kissed lips like that Bull, but never sober.
I am thinking the middle one in the front ain't bad. It has been a long time folks.
LOL The front row, on the left. That gal has a pretty good pose going.
I'm laughing just looking at this picture ;-)))
What kind of beer are you drinking?
I'm gonna go get a Corona right now and drink with you.
I think the guidelines of TBD approve of drunk posting except for "that Larry guy." Looks like fun. Now I'm wondering if there is a beer in the fridge.
Quinn, sweetie? TBub is drinking Miller Genuine Draft, Robbie and I are drinking Yuengling, KC is drinking Kahlua. Cheers!




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