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A skunk must have ambled by my open bedroom windows about 4:00AM this morning.






I'll tell ya, that woke me up!



Any skunk stories to share out there?



How 'bout any stories regarding human and wild critter encounters?



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Having lived all my life in the country till recently I have plenty of skunk stories, such as the dogs trapping one the garage at two in the morning...under the car. Not a pleasant drive to work that morning.
But once all my dogs went across the "Rainbow Bridge" all the critters became very comfortable at my place especially the 'coons.
Late one night I woke to a scatching noise I thought was coming from the far wall in the bedroom. I sat up in bed and listened and realized it was coming from an open window close to the foot of the bed. Our windows were only about two feet off the ground. The scratching got more intense, chills went up my back...so I got quietly out of bed and reached for the switch next to the bed that turned on the outside light on that side of the house. And there sitting on the window sill was a baby coon trying to scratch through the screen. I looked outside and on the ground was two adults and two more babies.The adults had sent the baby to do the dirty work....they were breaking and planning on entering.I scared them away and they promptly went to the back porch and proceeded to make an attempt at the back door.
They were just hungry....and no matter what I did they always found a way to drain my bird feeders. However, I really didn't want to share the house with 'em.
Critters can be a lot of fun to watch....
No rabbits because you have feral cats. I am suprised that you have squirrels.




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