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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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Lucy lubes Larry's Lamborghini.

Marianne's mechanical mastery is mostly mind-blowing. 

Nancy needs nutritional news now.

Ophelia often opines.

Patty pals around with potters. 

Quentin quietly quotes quintessential Qabbani.

Rona is readying ribs for roasting. 

Sylvester sighs sadly seeing Susan's smile.

Tyra tires of tinny tenors.

Uriah undoes Ulrica's undergarments.

Tsk, tsk!

Velma velcros her velveteen vestments, virtuously.

Haha! Virtuous but virginal Velma.

Wyatt watches Wanda wiggle wantonly.




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