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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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Pretty ambitious plot, that. It needs a movie made from it.

Queequeg quaffed a quart and quickened his quivers, sending a quartet of quartermasters into quarantine. (Don't worry, I don't know either).

(LOVED this one! I always wished Melville had written a book on Queequeg's backstory. He was my favorite character in MD.)

Randomly ripped on RonRico, Robert roundly roasted the reasoning in Reginald's report, rebuking and rebuffing him, reducing Reginald to rippling rolls of reeking refuse reckoning to reap revenge.    


Under the influence of unspecified unknowns, Utley utilized the utmost updraft on his upscale unicycle, unmooring the U Hitch on Unkie's U Haul.

(Hahaha! Fantastical!)

Vaccinated by voluminous Velvet Vibes, Veronica vaulted onto her VéloSoleX and very vindictively ventilated Victor's vermillion varnished Vindec.


Wrecked and wobbly from whatever she wallowed in, Wilma was wretched, wreaking wanton wreckage wherever she went.

(Poor Wilma!)

Ximena, eXtremely eXcited on Xanax and Xingu, eXpunged every eXample of    eXcessive Xanthine and Xylene used to eXterminate Xenophon and Ximen.  


Yucking up yeasty  yucks, Yuri yowled as he yanked on Yosef's Yazoo.

(Dare I ask what a Yazoo is??! Hahaha!)

Zinging on Zyprexa, Zaharinka zotzed Zacchaeus' Zenvo.

It's a brand of lawnmower. ;^ )

Addled on Adderall, Addison aimed artichokes at all awaiting apertures, arousing antagonism from antsy amblers .

(Ohhhhh...a lawnmower. Haha!)

Artichokes are good for you! LOL!

Bombarding berry-brown beach-goers with ballista-borne bananas, Bobo the Baboon brandishes his bald bottom in blatant, bad-assed, belligerence.  

What an image!

Cocked on cognac, Courtney cycled crookedly, crashing her cruiser crushingly.

Driving drunk, Daniel dragged Durango's dog dish under his DeSoto down Delaney Drive by Delaware Dentists, Dewey's Drugstore, Domino's Diner, and DeLavante's Department Store, deaf to the drumming and distracted by delirious dreams.   




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