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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
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Gangs of geriatric gender-benders gracefully gyrate and gambol through the gavotte grinning gaily. 

(Oh, the image!)

Highly hyper hydrophobes hurtling hurriedly on hydraulic hydroplanes


Ingenious indigenous individuals infer innovative indicators of intelligence in isolated island inhabitants

Jolly jesters jutterbug jovially and jump joyfully to jazzy jukebox jive

(I'm jitterbugging as I read that ツ )

Knees knocking, kilted Kenneson kin keppoch toward the Kinlochleven kirk.  

(A keppoch is a Scottish dance move similar to an allemande in square dancing.)  


Lollygagging, loafing louts limp listlessly toward the leather loungers 


Many mean-spirited, misanthrope men menace multiple mild, meek members of Mensa, meanwhile mocking mankind's miscreancy.   

So good!

Not-so-nimble Neanderthals nick the noggins  of nearby nomads with nibs of nightshade, nullfying their neural networks

(How the heck did Homo Sapiens win out over those sneaky Neanderthals??! Hahaha!)

Often outpourings of offensive odors originating over oozing offal offend one's olfactory orifices. 

Wow! Stand back, nose

Persistently, prolific poets pour pathos into primally plaintive prosody, proferring a perfectly purple palette.

Double wow!! Just my kind of poetry! Lol. 

A quartet of quirky quizzers question quotes, quickly quashing quibblers' quarrelsome queries.   


Riotous reptiles run rampant through the ruins of Rome, replicating rapidly through the reflexive ritual of reproduction.




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