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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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(VERY nice!)

Ursula utilizes uncovered, unadorned urns under ungulates udders. 

;^ )

Verily, Venus's virtues are virtually voluminous

Haha! Truly!

While winsome willowy Wendy was willing, worn workhorse William wasn't. ツ


Xavier exercises his incisors exuberantly

Yolanda yelped yanking yellow yarrow which yielded yucky yellow-jackets.

Zelda zealously zigs and zags towards Zeke and Zach.

Another ant angrily attacks an aggressive anteater. 

Both bobcats bopped the Blarney brothers backwards into the Blackberry brambles where they bleated boisterously


Carnies clamorously call chumps to chance crooked carnival contests for cheesy, cheap crap.  

Yup !

Delirious dotards dolefully denounce daily deals delivered directly to their drafty dayroom

( Elder scam abuse! Just say, "NO!" ツ )

Every elderly eccentric expatiated eerie, elegiac expressions evincing esoteric, eldritch examples of ecumenical ecstasy.

Fifteen finicky fifty-somethings fuming over the funkyness of theirflakes flounder




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