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and it seems that ferguson will be back on the front page again ..

everybody is waitin with baited breath here for this grand jury to come back with a verdict .. on the one side the people of ferguson want a guilty verdict and are threatin to make a lot of trouble if they don't get one .. and on the other side is what the law says they can and can't do to darren wilson the officer in question .. they can't change the law or the facts just because some people want it .. wilson said yesterday that he's gonna resign from the ferguson police force .. in light of all thats happened i can't see how he could stay .. his life as he knows it is over .. maybe if he moves to another state and lays low for a couple of years he can start over .. but as of right now he's what i'd call a hardcore unemployable .. who's gonna hire him now even if he did everything right that day ( which at this point nobody can really say for sure ) lets hope if they don't indict him the whole area don't erupt again .. now if ferguson got all the snow that buffalo did it would be the perfect time to make that announcement . too much snow to riot .. i think if he's aquitted there will be some antics .. how bad it'll get all we can do is wait and see.. lets hope its not too bad..  

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yeah it is sad .. and stupid too .. cause none of this had to happen .. and the answer is simple .. don't do stupid stuff .. simple as that . in all this what upsets me the most is the black community wants to keep pushin the idea of police brutality .. and how this is all white and black .. and thats not true .. it was right and wrong .. i'm not sure why the media isn't coverin it this way .. had mike brown been white would any of this be goin on now ?? i sincerely doubt it .. would we be complainin about a police state out of control ?? i doubt it .. if he was white mike brown woulda just been another thug who robbed a store and then attacked a cop and when he was told to get on the ground charged the cop and got shot in the process.. it still woulda been sad no doubt about it but police procedure is what it is .. if you're considered a threat and don't comply to what the police say and you charge them you will get shot .. its been that way probably back to george washingtons day and i don't see it changin .. don't wanna get shot ?? don't do stupid stuff .. 

what do you think darren wilson should have done differently ??   and if you think police procedure should be changed ?? how ?? 

I suspect that the grand jury got it right.  I don't know, because I did not hear the evidence or testimony presented but I find myself wanting to believe they got it right.   However, I don't know much about those involved either, did the prosecutor put up a robust case to get an indictment?  What is his or her history of involvement in cases involving police misconduct or issues of race.  I also can not begin to understand what this means to the black community.  And I am not sure any of us can.  We don't have the same frame of reference for issues like this, we have never walked a mile in a young black mans shoes.  Statistics can illustrate many of the issues, the number of police stops of blacks verses whites, the number of arrest of black males versus whites, the number of convictions, the sentencings, the length of incarcerations - all can be compared across the demographics.  There may be legitimate causal reasons the numbers appear skewed one side to the other and there may be underlying bias that account for some of it as well.  But my point is that it tells a story and creates a reality that impacts how the black community "exists".   I can only try to understand or relate to how this decision feels to that community.  And like any community-there is more than one opinion, yet an entire community if being tarred by the actions and attention getting behavior of a few.   The grand jury decided that there was not enough evidence to show probably cause that a crime had been committed - yet an unarmed young black man, suspected of being involved in an attempted robbery, was shot several times by an officer of the law.  The young black man is dead, which is a tragedy  and the officer's career is in the toilet, a shame.    And the story only highlights just how far we have yet to go regarding race relations in the country.

yeah stuff like this sets race relations back 40 years.. cause in the end right or wrong it all comes down to black or white .. not right or wrong .. and as long as you have the shit stirrers like sharpton and crump it will never get better .. 

to answer your question t as to why blacks get arrested more than whites it pretty much comes down to poverty and a lack of and a disdain for education.. now thats not every black male mind you now cause some of them strive for more than just hangin around .. they get an education and make somethin of themselves .. but quite a few more shun an education , come from broken homes , and can't see a way out .. whose fault is that ?? i don't know for sure .. it' a bunch of things , like a big ball of string thats all tangled up .but if you look around and see where they grow up an see the drive by's and the drugs , and the disregard for life you can see why .. and there are white people too who come from these kinds of enviroments .. but not as many .. do judges go harder on blacks ?? i dunno .. maybe .. do cops?? maybe some do .. if they're patrolin a black area all the time it might taint their view some  ?? i'm not sure how you could see some of the things they do and not have it effect them .. would a certain amount of mandatory councilin be in order for any law enforcement officers ?? i'd have to say yes .. how much and how often ?? i guess that would depend on the shrinks evaluation of the officer .. and a once a year evaluation or tune up cold help .. not only the community but the cops outlook and their homelife .. it wouldn't hurt if they did it for convicts before they let them out either .. i dunno .. i'm just typin out loud here .. obviously what ever we're doin ain't workin all that well now is it ..   

There are "shit stirrers" on both sides. in my opinion the right wingers who demonize all who are not exactly like them are much worse than Rev. Sharpton and Crump. I will take them any day over Limbaugh, Beck and such.

While Sharpton is likeable, he and Jackson are just as bad. There are not heroes in this latest situation, and there is no innocent victims.  The whole thing is just FUBAR.

so many conversations about ferguson. the common denominator in many including that asshole ted nugent is the opinion that it is all on the black community, it's al sharpton's fault, they are animals and we hate obama. no one asks what the relationship between the police and the public was like before the shooting of brown.

  nothing will change some people. the only plus might be that they will eventually die off and hopefully the racism from both sides will have failed to be passed on. with all that being said, it is unfortunate that some black citizens put themselves into actions that lend creedence to the bigotry of others. and unfortunate that some white citizens use the occurrances as an excuse to bash all blacks. both sides need to wise up.

As I heard someone else comment yesterday: The morning after the grand jury's decision were announced, republicans told America's black populace to "get over it and move on".

Two hours later, republicans re-opened the Benghazi hearings and announced another decision to repeal Obamacare.

Insurrection everywhere:

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