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Are you very active of do you prefer to just relax in your free time?  I know now with this covid thing many of us are staying as close as possible to home, but before that would be a good answer.  If you were active before are you enjoying staying at home or are you just itching to get out?

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I am a homebody and staying home doesn't bother me.  I find plenty to keep me busy if I take the notion. 

I am going home in October...til the end if the year.

Happy to stay at home most of the time. I have become too sedentary.

About as active as I've always liked to get is turning the pages of a book or falling asleep.

I used to walk more than I do now, I should get back to that. I never was into sports or any other kind of activities like that.

Staying home does not bother me at all but I do miss family get togethers.

My back precludes the kind of physical activity I used to enjoy, so just do what needs doing around here. Staying at home these days is not a problem...grocery shopping is the highlight of my week, as is my Monday morning coffee klatsch with my "social bubble" of friends.

Coffee Klatsches sound great; I've always heard about 'em but never was lucky enough to live somewhere where they had 'em (or be invited to anyway, lol).

I usually enjoy staying home because I am at work otherwise. I am also trying to do more walking before it gets to cold to enjoy walking

I stay quite active. Of course going to concerts, restaurants, etc. are out, but it's still warm enough (with bundling up) to go bike riding and paddling. Will most likely ramp us walking when biking and paddling come to an end. Maybe will wax my x-country skies if we get enough snow.

But then there are days where I just want to take it easy, read a good book, try out a new recipe.

Guess balance is the key.

About the same - as its been since moving to Ohio.Was meeting with a group of ladies for breakfast before the virus- now we meet on Zoom- miss the face to face- but Zoom is a good alternative. My book club in Col does the virtual book clubs - so still get to keep in contact with my friends there.

I try to be as active as possible but I must admit COVID has made me kind of lazy. I'm hoping to be able to walk the boardwalk in Atlantic City soon. I want to be out there every day that has nice weather when I go down for the week.




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