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When you think about it, do you act younger or older than your chronological age?  What do you do or not do that makes you say that?  I have never really grown up and have always enjoyed playing with children.  I have always been responsible, but always loved having fun.  I know I have gone back to being playful and having fun, like when I was younger.  I feel much younger than I did 10 years ago. 

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Today was the coldest day, so far, of our 2012-2013 Katy Fit Marathon/Half-Marathon Training Program, but we dress appropriately in layers in this weather so we can peel off outer jackets and tie them around our waists when we warm up!

Merry Christmas  TornadoWoman  I always enjoy your photos of your runs here and on Facebook

Thank you Julia; and a Merry Christmas to you, too!

36 degrees in Texas?  I didn't realize it ever went that low there.  Hope you have a great Christmas TW

Thank you Helen!   And..... Oh, yes, it gets down into the teens here often in the winter months.  I have my plants covered and my outdoor faucets disconnected from my hoses and the faucets are covered with insulated faucet covers.  I actually wear a headband covering my nose when I run in this weather and lower temperatures - I look like an idiot; but that is just fine with me since my nose gets so cold, I have no feeling in it if I don't cover it.  I have several cold weather "hoods" that have an opening for my eyes and holes for my nose, but they don't have an opening for my mouth, so I can't breathe when I'm running.  One of the Katy Fit women who I had never met before who was in our JINGLE JANGLE NIGHT RUN the other night said that she knew who I was from when she has passed me running in the opposite direction with my nose covered in a headband!!

Here's a pic of a group of us Katy Fitters taken in January 2009 in our last run before the marathon that year.  You can see my "hood" on me in the pic with my light blue outfit on!

That's a good idea TW.  I have a scarf that I put over my nose and my mouth when I walk in the cold.  I have asthma and if I don't do that I can't breathe.  Been pushing myself to walk a little even in the cold.  Yesterday it was too cold,but the worst part was the wind.  I had my son's girlfriend's little Chihuahua out.  Old Mighty dog is only 5 pounds and while he had one leg up a gust of wind blew and knocked him over.  We were having gusts up to 35+ mph. 

Sorry, I started laughing at the mighty dog story.  It was small of me, I know.  

Serenity I was laughing too.  If a dog could frown, he would have.  His name is Marley, but I call him Mighty Dog.  Some of the neighbors call him Killer, because he barks at everything.  He was barking at the cop that directs traffic at the high school across the street.  I told him that when he was done with his tour of protecting and defending Marley would take over.  He was hysterical. 




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