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When you think about it, do you act younger or older than your chronological age?  What do you do or not do that makes you say that?  I have never really grown up and have always enjoyed playing with children.  I have always been responsible, but always loved having fun.  I know I have gone back to being playful and having fun, like when I was younger.  I feel much younger than I did 10 years ago. 

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I guess I never read the book on 'how to act your age'.....lol. I still act the same as I did when I was 30. I may no be able to do all the things I did at 30, but I still act the same way. I never thought I was suppose to change as I got older...lol. I still crack jokes,. I still turn around to look at an attractive lady. I still sing along with songs on the radio in my car. I still dance. I still make wise cracks. I still flirt with the ladies.....young and old....lol. I still have a playful attitude. And I still think about sex all the time........lol. I've always believed that not only eating healthy is a way to feel good, but also having a youthful attitude towards life.  Attitude........that's the key word for me....and keeping an open mind.

I have always been very serious and purposeful since I have had to really struggle to survive in this world.  I have a really strong creative spiritual focus which may make me seem playful/experimental at times.  I am always trying things to see what beliefs/practices might work better spiritually.  I am very much into the physical-spiritual connection and have developed my own style of really slow intense meditative running.  I am also doing a really difficult weightlifting exercise to build up my physical/spiritual energy.  I am now doing the 2 handed overhead 40 dumbbell swing 72 times non-stop and working on increasing the repetitions to maybe reach 100(4 minutes).  I do try to push myself spiritually(emotionally)and physically to the limits of what I can handle, and am good at it since I have done that a lot in my life.  I am 61 years old, but I do not feel old at all.  I feel my best years are ahead of me.  

I would guess I am just me at my age.don't think I act young, but also hope I'm not acting old.

I really do not think about age 

I just do what i want and wear what I want (lol even bikinis)

I get along with everyone from tots, teens and adults of any age

my Ma taught me to respect everyone and everything also

she said there is good in almost everyone

the best part is that I love me so that makes me love everyone

I bet you look pretty good in a bikini too.............lol.

Thank you Woody i do

but right now in snow country I wear many layers


We got 4 inches of snow yesterday.

I'm a blend.  I'm kinda quiet in a lot of regards, so I'm often seen as being more mature than my age (at least when I was younger). At the same time, I do things that not a lot of people do (weight lifting, gym stuff) so I'm seen as being younger than my age. At law school I was considered a sweet, grandmotherly lady - right until I took the hide off a few people in front of god and everyone. Largely, no one knows what the devil to think about me.

My idea of fun is much different than other folks, I suspect.  Fun for me is a day alone at Crane Beach in the early spring, wandering the shoreline and hiking around the place with a sack lunch and some water. Or going with Dawgpaws to somewhere we can walk and enjoy life with the same sort of sack lunch and water.  I love my grandkids, but I'm largely an observer now as they're so athletic I can't keep up with them. Which is good. 

I am me I do not try to act any age, I do what I enjoy and what obligated to do.  I am very thankful I am able to do most things I set mind to do.

I am still very playful.  I love nothing more than to roll around the floor playing with them.  I also love to walk along the watersedge and just watch the tide roll in and out.  It took a while, but I found my sense of fun again, after my divorce. 

Rolling on the floor?

Okay...I act old.  There's no way I could do that.

I'll never the first time I got down on the floor with my 7 year old grandson and started playing with him.  His father was afraid I'd never get up again.  I wasn't as agile as I am now.  I'm a lot lighter and have been walking a couple of miles a day this past spring and summer.  I did that until it got cold out again. 




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