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Not many sports people or people in general will ever reach this mans level.

Legendary John Wooden dead at 99

Wooden was born Oct. 14, 1910, in Hall, Ind., the second-eldest son of a hard-working farming couple. Soft-spoken Joshua Wooden taught his four sons the value of hard work, having them assist tending crops and livestock and then reading them poetry and scriptures every night by coal lamp.

When John Wooden finished eighth grade, his father gave him a card with a seven-point creed on it that included such tenets as “Be True to yourself” and “Make each day your masterpiece.” Wooden later used those philosophies in coaching and kept a copy of the card in his pocket the rest of his life.

It’s ironic that Wooden forged a career for himself in basketball because baseball was actually always his favorite sport. The Indiana native split much of his free time between a baseball diamond amid the cornfields and a hoop nailed to the hayloft, wisely choosing to pursue basketball when he blossomed into a three-time all-state selection at Martinsville High School.

After leading Purdue to a national title and becoming the first college player ever to be named a three-time all-American in 1932, Wooden married longtime girlfriend Nell and began his professional life as a high school coach and English teacher. He amassed a 218-42 record at Central High in South Bend before breaking into the college ranks as coach at Indiana State in 1946.

Two successful seasons at Indiana State caught the eye of more prominent programs, but Wooden and his wife desired to stay in the Midwest. His intention was to accept the coaching job at the University of Minnesota in 1948, but when a snowstorm prevented Minnesota’s athletic director from getting to the phone to offer him the position by a stipulated deadline, Wooden snapped up UCLA’s offer instead.

“If fate had not intervened, I would never have gone to UCLA,” Wooden once said.

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This man probably got to take the express elevator to heaven. His credentials were most certainly in order.
Good Morning Katherine, I have always admired the man for his life lived, it far surpassed the game he coached.
There are coaches and great coaches.
You got it darroll.
The best tip-off of all awaits this giant. Take a knee until the crowd calms down, brother.
Gosh, and I was sure you meant Dennis Hopper!

Maybe better remembered so:




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