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A Sock and A Sock, A Shoe and A Shoe, Or Sock,Shoe, Sock, Shoe

I remember on All in The Family, Archie and Mike were having an argument. Mike was putting on his socks and shoes. His way was a sock and then the shoe, Archie was yelling at him, it should be a sock, the other sock, then a shoe and the other shoe. Mike ended up winning the argument.
Which way do you put yours on? Does it matter? What other things do you have a certain way of doing?

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shoe, shoe, I rarely were socks
I really like to sit down when starting to put on pants. It saves me accidentally ripping out the hem, or hopping about and stumbling onto the floor. I've noticed other people don't. One leg at a time standing up? Leaping in with both feet?
I always make myself laugh if I start to put my pants on standing up... I think, "You live alone, idiot! What if you fall and break a leg? Someone is going to get a good laugh out of this!" But something makes me want to test my balance...
Yep, I like to put on both socks first, then the shoes... and in the winter, I do plenty of socks, too, Maria!
you should both move south
But I can't take the heat! :-D
I'd rather wear socks - I can always get warmer, but it's hard to get cooler. Fortunately my house stays cool; thick stone walls.
barefoot whenever possible, but sock, sock, shoe, shoe. I am a boot freak, as well. so usually, sock, sock, boot, boot.
sock, sock, shoe,shoe; and different washclothes and towels for my face and the whole rest of my bod.
I have seen that show.
I normally do it sock, sock, shoe shoe.
But sometimes I do it Mike's way just for fun. That show was funny
I have "OCD", don't get me started.
What are shoes? Are they like flip flops?




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