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Some us are blessed to be with who they want to be, others are looking,

and some of us are just wondering...

Who or what do you consider the perfectly imperfect partner?

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“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

~Sam Keen

My "partner" otherwise known as my better half, is not perfect.

Sometimes she snores.

I've seen it written somewhere that `we don't choose love, but rather, love chooses us'

and so I have thought about that statement and come to realize that -

all these years I've walked this earth alone, is because I dismiss love at first sight,

I know that sounds like I'm up maself, but I seem to know instinctively 

whether or not I could stand for `that person' to touch me.

However, for the last little while, (2 years), there has been a person 

who I have remained in on-going contact with, mainly via text

and/or phone, and as deepening exchanges of our thoughts

and philosophies of life have unfolded, I can tell that I am

beginning to appreciate the deeper undercurrents of his

endearing characteristics and it's getting to the stage that

I miss it if for some reason when contact has not been renewed

for more than two days, lol.

I guess what I am meaning to say, is that I have started to `look'

at him in a completely different light, which is teaching me lessons

on what I may have already `overlooked' in times gone by.

Wise woman....good story.


Sometimes it just falls into your lap and there is simply nothing you can do about it.

Embrace it.......

Thank you Bob, `Embrace' is a beautiful word, 

as I have thought about it and figured that we 

can embrace something in many ways ie;

physically, emotionally and psychologically.

And it was only yesterday that he asked me

would I like to go out one day next week,

and I happily told him yes.

The last time we spent time together

enjoying dinner at the local Mariner

was January this year.

Fools rush in......lol!




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