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What's the haps?  What's happening with you this lovely end of summer weekend?

The weather here in southern Illinois has cooled some, and is practically autumnal.

I'm off to the office (which is so often the case), but will be going to the "Metro East" area (the area on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, across from St. Louis) to get air put in the scuba tanks I picked up when I went to Florida.  My lawn is crying softly, "Mow me, mow me," but it's neglect will continue for at least one more weekend.

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Southern CA is enjoying a cool weekend....last weekend, it was pushing 100 and I was working in the kitchen at my church festival; this weekend, it's 20 degrees cooler.  Heavenly!!  Going to listen to the Riverside Philharmonic tonight and tomorrow I'll be the lead docent on the 1:30 tour at the Mission Inn.  Wish you all could join me!!

I live in Western Canada, and we are still having nice summery weather. The leaves on the trees have just started changing.

It's nice here in Maryland today, but I hear there's a lot of rain coming along with thunderstorms.  Took a nice walk this morning. 

We had a girls week-end in Branson, MO. My neighbor from here went with me, my friend from Iowa and her friend from ARK met on Fri night. On Sat we did the Inspiration Tower. Shepard of the Hills Homestead tour and the out door play. Went shopping a the old 5 & dime there. On Sun we did some shopping, took a 2 hour river cruise, and had 3 rd row sets to see Shoji Tabuchi, has to be the best show in Branson. After breakfast on Mon AM  all left for our separate ways.

I pass near Branson (Interstate 40) when I'm going to the desert Southwest.  I've always heard good things about it.

The play you saw was based on a novel by Harold Bell Wright.  He was the first American writer to see a million copies of a novel.  Writing in the early 1900s, his books were only outsold by the Bible.  He lived in Southern CA for a time and there is a room named in his honor at the historic hotel where I volunteer.  The true face of fleeting fame as today few people know his name.

Sounds like you girls had a fun weekend!




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