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Hollywood loves to put romance in its films because it thinks it makes them "sell".  But there are some really fantastic films that don't have a romantic angle.  What's your favorite film that doesn't involve  a sexual relationship (or in which the romance plays a very minimal role).

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Flipper, I seem to remember a married couple in "mad, mad,mad,mad....", but they weren't romantic - they fought all the time!

Here I go, Kubricking again...

With the possible, not-particularly-subtle exceptions of these two elements:

...And this sequence:


"2001: A Space Odyssey" is an entirely romance-free film.

What a great director! I had the opportunity to meet the director of the Kubrick archive in London this Summer! I think I may have to go and visit this archive. Kubrick kept boxes and boxes of stuff and they have it all!




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