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This is like the 6 & 7 Letter Word Games but way more CoMpLiCaTeD!!

5 Letter Word + Make A Sentence + Tag Team Story

Word Game Trifecta!

1) Form a new word from the current word by rearranging the letters &/or changing
ONE letter only.

2) Include your new word in a sentence.

3) Sentence must build on the previous sentence to tell a story! ;-P

May 2, 2010 Update: Okay - this is the best Wordle custom graphic for our games yet! lol!
Chez' "Only a SICKO would kick a chicken" tickles my funny bone! "-D

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they got slapped w/a copyright infringement suit & were brought to the STARK reality that...
Life was just not fair. They countersued on the grounds that they were infringing on no fringes whatsoever, and won handily when they proved that the JERKS who sued them were scam artists and slimeballs. (The local CSI unit provided the slime analysis for them free of charge.) The next week, with the three dozen cartons of sporks they had left, they managed to earn enough to...
start a graphic novelties business, making T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, mouse pads & various & sundry other items bearing fun slogans like:

"Spooning leads to forking"

"Sporkling leads to snorgling"

"Have a cuppa, it PERKS you uppa"

d's girl SPEAR headed the idea, but it went south because
everyone went to the beach and didn't want to work
then David Hasellhoff jogged up on the beach and rescued...
a rabbit that was in the waves at the shore, but it bit him & he began to SWEAR, throwing the rabbit down and...
then a WEIRD old hippie guy came over and said Peace and love dude, don't pick on the rabbit.
He got the rabbit and took it home but his...
python, named IRDEL, ate it.
He DRIED his eyes and took a toke on a doobie and got the munchies, went to walk to
Carvel Icecream Store on the way he ran into his old buddies Cheech and Chong and they gave him a lift,
they munched out and then.....
began reminiscing about that time they were going through Customs from Mexico & tossed out a doobie, which inadvertently dropped into the car window next to them, & to their DREAD, right into a nun's lap! They laughed & laughed about this until...
they couldn't find the Grateful DEADS CD.
so they went to Walmart and lo and behold a look alike Bob Marley was the greeter.
He showed them where...
ancient CDs were & they shook their HEADS in amazement that few people purchased CDs anymore & then they started checking out...
and the cashier laughed at them and they..




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