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During the 2010-2011 TV season, reality TV shows did well, comprising half of the top 10 shows among viewers ages 18 to 49. Reality TV gave us the most-popular (American Idol) and the least-popular shows (Shedding for the Wedding) this year.
This includes those people who watched on a DVR within one week of the broadcast. I’ve stripped that list of the scripted TV shows, which gives us this list of reality TV shows, ranked by popularity.

The numbers that follow the colon are the percentage of people ages 18 to 49 who watched, on average. So, 8.8 percent of adults that age watched American Idol, while 4.3 percent of that group tuned in to Survivor last fall.

After #31, there are no more ranks listed, probably because there are so many ties—and some of these shows tied with a scripted show or other reality shows.

1. American Idol, Wednesday performance: 8.8
3. American Idol, Thursday results: 8.0
4. The Voice: 5.6
6. Dancing with the Stars, Monday performance: 4.8
10. Survivor Nicaragua: 4.3
18. Amazing Race 17: 3.8
Survivor Redemption Island: 3.8
Dancing with the Stars, Tuesday results: 3.8
25. The Bachelor: 3.6
28. Undercover Boss: 3.4
30. Hell’s Kitchen, Tuesdays: 3.3
31. Celebrity Apprentice: 3.2
Biggest Loser 10: 3.1
Biggest Loser 11: 3.1
Amazing Race 18: 3.0
Hell’s Kitchen, Wednesdays: 3.0
Secret Millionaire: 2.9
Extreme Makeover Home Edition: 2.3
Wipeout: 2.3
Minute to Win It: 2.2
Kitchen Nightmares: 1.8
The Apprentice: 1.7
America’s Next Top Model 15: 1.7
America’s Next Great Restaurant: 1.5
Who Do YOu Think You Are?: 1.4
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: 1.4
Shark Tank: 1.4
Skating with the Stars: 1.3
Supernanny: 1.2
America’s Next Top Model: 1.2
School Pride: .7
Shedding for the Wedding: .5

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Interesting that Amazing Race 17 and Survivor: Nicaragua both had higher ratings than their spring counterparts, even though both AR18 and S:RI had returning cast members. I wonder if spring shows are consistently lower than fall shows, or if it's more related to the actual entertainment value of the seasons themselves.




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