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A local cafeteria has 2 dollar fish on Tuesdays but on Fridays it is $8.50.


Is this part of a seperation of Church and money thing?

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"seperation of church and money"

On Thursdays they have 2 dollar steak. Which maybe a seperation of cow and calf.
Maybe Tuesday's fish are the previous Friday's leftovers.
Hell,, I spend more than $2 on bait
The owner is trying to drum up more business on Tuesdays.
It is the test cafatera of a chain once managed by Aggies and now owned by Aggies. They also have blue jello.
I haven't read through this thread.....fair warning for insight to the way I read and react....

2$ fish is cheap....it's the tank and upkeep that add up....

*just realized that this is still on page 1.....oh well.*
Great, Jaylee, keep your eye on that little neon one in the corner, the shiny one...

Is this part of a seperation of Church and money thing?

Aggie, you crack me up.
Seems to be a popular price point.

This makes me miss Truckie.

(note that one of the Barnes Bros. is Billy Mumy...)
I had the $8.50 catfish in Cat Spring at the Cat Spring Country Club tonight. To cut costs they must remove the heads first. Never see any heads on the buffet. They do put extra salt to promote the beer sales.
I had some free fish at Millheim Harmine Verein Hall appreciation dinner.




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