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happily healthy

a place we all wish to be

we're responsible

turn the clock to naught
let's start up a brand new day
our love is a force

just a breath of you
your ethereal caress
lets the sun shine in

oh tell me it's so
tell me your heart's still certain
we'll be together

i can't live like this
afraid bewildered hopeless 
bereft of my soul

tell me you love me
and that in some future life
the world will be ours

thank you beloved...
your voice from beyond the veil
assuages my fears

I was sorry to hear that Johnny Clegg has pancreatic cancer. He is, happily, in remission right now, and is currently on his "Final Journey" tour in the U.S. and elsewhere. He has always been someone I admire. He cared so deeply about Zulu culture that at 15, in apartheid South Africa, he went to live in a Zulu workhouse to learn their songs and dances. That is passion. 

Johnny didn't dance in this song, but he did have a very special surprise guest.

hope has many forms
we can sing it or dance it
or go home to it


Here's an interesting address Johnny gave when he was awarded the Doctor of Music honoris causa from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

doctor johnny clegg
passionate and inspiring
africa thanks you

you are essential
your being is beautiful
step into the light

zen buddhism says
while there's life there's a future...
hope lives in each breath




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