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I like that Ang
reluctance to hope
that what you want can happen
predestines results

without hope, love stalls,
caught in everlasting now
stripped of a future

such a precious gift
shouldn't be condemned to slip
through open fingers

believe in the dream
joy and peace for all involved
best of all outcomes
with absence of hope
the fuel to feed our efforts
falls short for success
hoping against hope
one day the waters will clear
the treasure in reach
the last time I checked
hope is a four letter word
but then so is love...........

over and over

our story begins and ends...

give us forever


endless winter looms

the sun and stars extinguished

shadows cover all


yet through the darkness

your soul glimmers guiding me,

unfailing, to you

more than the sorrow...

it's the fall of the last leaf

from the tree named hope



despite cold logic

my heart shakes off hopelessness

remembering you


over and over

it rises, light as goose down,

floating on your love


"goodbye" and "finished"

have no place in forever

no form or substance


only endless joy...

our souls inseparable...

makes sense to the heart






...... longing reunion

we all traverse chosen paths

peace awaits us all

the sun sets for good
taking all life's joys with it
still one star shines bright

i believe in you
and in love victorious
i believe in us




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