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The moments we live for...swirling, golden feelings that lift one up. Share some in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively...

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uncontained laughter
flowing up from bubbling wells
new love's headiness
reaching back through time
finding the love that won't die
we soar ad astra
wishing hilare
to all my amiculi
so - dolui non
sensuous soft skin
pining like a bare canvas
tastes sweet all over
so happy for you
you grow younger every day
your future brighter
the pain behind us
we know now that we will love
'til the end of time
running with the wind
chasing my traveling star
unfettered and free
His love fills my heart so
He brings me to new places
I soar now, in love.
Eyes meet, Smiles, Laughter
Embracing for no reason
Just for joy's sake.
essence of pure joy
love that radiates beyond
fleshly barriers

his soul my compass
it shines forth to light my way
the dark kept at bay

Hugging you, DG...I can feel the love between you two.

you glow before me...

angels dance a highland fling

just above your head


sunlight your nimbus

you flap your hands like small wings

grinning like a boy





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